About Us

When you choose Olive Woodworking, you are choosing a company with passion, seeking to provide quality custom-made woodwork which perfectly compliments the design and decor of your home. The attention to detail is uncompromising and I take pride in delivering flawless pieces of custom woodwork to your home and office.

Olive Woodworking is a locally owned and operated company, where the focus has never shifted from quality, timely delivery, and exquisite craftsmanship. The goal is for your new, handcrafted addition, to be both practical and decorative.

Custom woodwork is about form and function as much as it is about style and elegance. My goal is to realize your vision of custom cabinetry. I ensure this by walking every customer through a process of sketch, design, material selection, production, and delivery.

While design, craftsmanship, installation, and great customer service are the very things that keep Olive going, blending beauty and functionality in your culinary, entertainment, living and office spaces is the essence of every task undertaken at Olive Woodworking.

Doron Avigdor

Doron Avigdor, the owner of Olive Woodworking, runs a personalized business specializing in fine cabinetry and custom woodworking. His Calgary based shop is where you will find him working on his customized designs. “I love seeing my clients realizing their dream piece, seeing it come to life in front of their eyes”.

The Benefits Of Choosing Olive

What You Get When You Choose Olive


Custom projects come together using collaboration. I bring unique craftsmanship skills and the attention to details.


While custom projects typically take more time, you will be rewarded by a one of a kind piece of functional art.


I make no compromise when it comes to the quality of my work. It looks good and serves your needs.


Versatile exposure and complex projects lead to greater knowledge base and experience to draw on.


I believe that a quote is a promise/commitment that needs to be honoured.


Every piece of furniture is worked upon like a piece of art, adding finesse and elegance to your home.