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Bring back beauty and function with our Calgary Furniture Restoration Specialist

Expert Restoration for your Heirloom Furniture 

Every piece of furniture has a story and for many cherished pieces, that story still has many chapters left to write.

I work with clients to fix, restore and refurbish beloved, heirloom-quality wood furniture that has stood the test of time but still needs a little help to truly shine again. 

When you trust me with restoring your furniture you can rest assured that I will take the utmost care to uphold its quality dignity and ensure that you can use it for many more years to come.


Tell us a little about your piece and how I can help restore it to it’s former glory…

Around the year 1885, a true craftsman built this masterpiece in Scotland, not knowing that it would still be used in 2019 by the same family.

The client came over with very little hope that we would be willing and able to fix it for her after she had no success with a few companies in town as they told her it was too old and too risky.

We got to fix two of the legs that were broken, the drawers that did not work or lock, and some of the inlay.

After a few weeks, the client was able to sit down at it to write a letter to the family in Scotland once again.


Doron is a true craftsman, a quality that is hard to find these days. I was pleasantly surprised by Doron’s attention to detail, observations and interest in my vision for the final product.

– Bridgid


Start The Journey to Something Spectacular

Start The Journey to Something Spectacular